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Nazi coffee pot WMF Isolierkanne WMF Warmhaltekanne
This beautiful old art deco German insulated coffee pot set was marketed by Württemburgischen Metallwarenfabrik or WMF. The 4-3/4 x 8-1/2 inch silver metal cylinder is lined with gray felt material and marked on the bottom WMF in a domed box, 1,0 L in an oval and D.R.P. 1,0 L means the capacity of this WMF coffee or tea pot is 1 liter and D.R.P. signifies Deutsches Reichspatent, meaning the item was patented prior to 1945, when the Deutsches Reich disappeared.

Inside the silver cylinder is a beautifully crafted porcelain tea pot and lid manufactured by Bauscher porcelain in Weiden, Germany. We bought this heavily tarnished ensemble from an antique dealer in a tiny, tiny town in Germany. In German it is called an Isolierkanne or Warmhaltekanne.

D.R.P. -  Deutsches Reichspatent
Bauscher Weiden
Bauscher coffee pot
Nazi coffee pot
The piece is in like-new condition. We put silver polish on one side of it and on a spot on the bottom and it cleaned up perfectly. We don’t think this coffee pot was ever used - no cracks, no chips, no crazing. While we can’t prove what kind of metal the cylinder is made of, it is not marked sterling or with any other indication of its metallic content.
Hitler bust
The Third Reich era WMF advertising shown here is from the late 1930s and early 1940s. While this advertising does not showcase the beautiful WMF coffee pot we offer for sale, it features giant Nazi eagles and busts of Adolf Hitler which WMF also manufactured during the time Hitler was Chancellor of Germany.

The Württemburgischen Metallwarenfabrik is still in business today selling their wares through high-end department stores around the world and in their own shops in Europe.

This WMF & Bauscher Nazi era coffee pot is **SOLD**.
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