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Anton Wingen "Othello" Solingen, Germany
This wonderful set of superbly crafted genuine stag handled cutlery was manufactured by the very well-known Solingen firm of Anton Wingen Jr., probably in the 1930s or early 1940s. It was brought back to America by a GI. (Please note, the blue color in some of our pictures is a reflection of the sky. The blue color is in reality polished steel.)
Anton Wingen Jr. stag handled cutlery
Anton Wingen was lincensee M7/51 of the Reichszeugmeisterei (RZM or State Materials Control Office) and manufactured a great many ceremonial daggers for the paramilitary organizations of the Nazi Party such as the SS, SA, HJ, NSFK, NSKK, etc.
As you can see from our photographs, this cutlery set consists of a 10-1/2 inch cleaver, a 10-3/4 inch pair of poultry scissors, a 13 inch knife sharpening steel, a 12-1/2 inch carving knife and a 10-3/4 inch carving fork. The knife, fork and cleaver are all three richly etched with floral motifs and the Wingen logo featuring the little negro head over the word OTHELLO. The cleaver in a virtually unused condition and still bears two colors of gold inlay in the etched areas. The gold inlays are no longer present in the knife and fork etching. Anton Wingen RZM M7/51
The poultry scissors have the OTHELLO logo stamped on one side and the name and address of the company on the other side. The caps on the ends of the stag horn handles appear to be silver or German silver as are the ferrules between the stag horn grip and the tool.
Der Deutsche Jäger Except for the knife, all these pieces are in absolutely excellent condition. The knife has unfortunately been sharpened to the extent that the sharpening has obliterated a small portion of the lovely engraving on the blade. Nothing can be done about that but the rest of the tools are in absolutely excellent condition.
The Wingen ad accompanying this offering was published in Der Deutsche Jäger (The German Hunter) magazine of December 1942. In addition to Nazi paramilitary daggers and swords, Anton Wingen Jr. specialized in knives and sets of knives utilizing stag horn and of particular interest to the Deutsche Jägerschaft and other hunting organizations.
Here is your chance to own a five piece cutlery set manufactured by a very well-known Third Reich dagger maker at a fraction of the cost of a NSDAP forestry dagger.
This German stag-handled cutlery set is **SOLD**.
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