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This matching set of 8 cased, half-leather NSDAP achievement books is for sale for $1195.00 delivered by Media Mail in the continental USA
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USM book #398
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Nazi swastika flags
Complete 8-volume, half-leather set
NSDAP membership card
This is a set of all eight consecutive volumes of the spectacular 6-3/4 x 9-3/4 inch, very heavily illustrated blue and tan half-leather hardcover series that officially documents the history of the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler. Das Dritte Reich (The Third Reich) was written by Gerd Rühle and published each year in the 1930s by Hummelverlag of Berlin, Germany. It provides the most comprehensive documentation available of the important events and the day-by-day milestones of each year in the growth, stabilization and expansion of the political power of the Nazi Party in Germany.
Reinhard Heydrich and Heinrich Himmler
KdF Wagen
Authorized by the NSDAP, the text portion of these books covers virtually every aspect of the history and personalities of the Nazi Party. Each book comes in its original case and contains approximately 500 pages and at the back of each one there is a section of about 100 pages of archival photos, newspaper reproductions, portraits, and ephemera that are simply unavailable elsewhere. The replicas of Nazi newspapers fold out to a size of about 9-1/2 x 11 inches. There are pages and pages of rare photos of early Nazi Party posters, full-color Nazi flags, standards and medals, anti-Semitic boycott material, the burning of the Reichstag, SS Hilfspolizisten, Konzentrationslager (Concentration Camps), accusations of German atrocities, the new Reichschancellery in Berlin, Reichsparteitag (State Party Days), the Tannenberg Memorial, the new Reichsautobahn, Winterhilfswerk (WHW), the Olympics in Berlin and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, portraits of dozens of early Nazi leaders, electioneering and of course, more political victory. Each book has a different portrait of Adolf Hitler as its frontispiece, the last one is in full-color.
KZ inmates
Völkischer Beobachter
Nazi Standarte
Here is a brief list of some of the subjects covered in photographs:
Important Issues of Nazi Newspapers, Early Nazi Membership Cards and Meeting Posters, Nazi Election Ballots, Destruction of German War Material, Early Nazi Meeting Places, Parades and Party Days, Horst Wessel and his Funeral, the Important Documents that Put the Nazis in Power, Anti-Nazi Jewish Propaganda, the Reichschancellery in Berlin, the First Concentration Camps, Jewish Declarations of War Against the Nazis and Nazi Boycotts of Jewish Businesses in Germany, the Building of the Reichsautobahn, Rare Orders and Decorations, Anti-Hitler Editorial Cartoons, Hitler and Mussolini, the Building of Nazi Housing Developments, Nazi Funerals, Nazi Military Maneuvers, the Nazi Memorial at the Feldherrnhalle, Zeppelins, Liberation of the Saarland, Hitler's Genealogy, Introduction of the Arbeitsbuch, Tickets to the Reichsparteitag, 1936 Olympic Material, the German Auto Show, KdF Ships, the Ehrentempel and Führerbau in München, New Flags and Standards of the Armed Forces, Examples of Olympic Tickets, Medals, Postage Stamps and Posters, the Vierjahresplan, German Television, the Ordensburgen at Sonthofen, Crössinsee and Vogelsang, the New Reichsluftfahrt Ministerium and Olympic Facilities in Berlin, the Party Day Ground in Nürnberg, the Exhibition of Degenerate Art, WHW Pins, Auto Racing, the Reichschancellery near Berchtesgaden, the House of German Art, Hitler Youth Homes, the Memorial at the Kriegslazarett in Pasewalk, Taking Theater to the People, the German Pavilion at the Paris Exhibition 1937, the International Hunting Exhibition in Berlin 1937, New Lufthansa Airliners, the New Airport at Tempelhof-Berlin, the Annexation of Austria, the Reichsluftschutzbund, the New KdF Car or Volkswagen, New German Stamps, the Exhibition of "The Eternal Jew", the SA Reiterschule, Göring and Balbo at Carinhall, Japanese Youth in Germany, the Westwall, the Berghof near Berchtesgaden, Mussolini, Daladier and Chamberlain in München, the German Occupation of the Sudetenland, the Funeral of Ambassador Ernst vom Rath, the New Reichschancellery in Berlin and dozens upon dozens of portraits of leading Nazis.
Wehrmacht flags
These are extremely rare books which were published in annual volumes of the same size, color and format. The 8th volume in this series concerns the 20 year effort of the Nazi Party in Austria from 1918 until 1938. It is very hard to find and is almost never found in a binding that matches the rest of the set.
Adolf Hitler
Reichskanzlei in Berlin
This set of books is fundamental to any study of the subjects of Nazism, Hitler, the Third Reich and its personalities, Nazi medals, orders and decorations, Nazi Party advertising and propaganda, early Reichs Party Days, etc., etc. The text and photos in these books are simply not available elsewhere.
Nazi medals
Goering, Hess, Goebbels, Frick
Die Reichsautobahn
A lot of advanced World War II German militaria collectors are not aware of the existence of this set of books and of those that do know of it, many have never owned a single volume. It is that scarce! In our 35+ years in the rare book business, we have handled only a few of these complete sets.
8 Volume, cased set of DAS DRITTE REICH
Anti-Jewish FIPS illustrations
Das Dritte Reich - Documentary Depiction of the Building of the Nation, Volume *, 1918 - 1933
Das Dritte Reich - Documentary Depiction of the Building of the Nation, Volume I,1933
Das Dritte Reich - Documentary Depiction of the Building of the Nation, Volume II,1934
Das Dritte Reich - Documentary Depiction of the Building of the Nation, Volume III,1935
Das Dritte Reich - Documentary Depiction of the Building of the Nation, Volume IV,1936
Das Dritte Reich - Documentary Depiction of the Building of the Nation, Volume V,1937
Das Dritte Reich - Documentary Depiction of the Building of the Nation, Volume VI,1938
Das Dritte Reich - Documentary Depiction of the Building of the Nation, Volume Österreich, 1918 - 1938
This set of cased books measures an amazing 15 inches thick and weighs almost 20 pounds!
There is a total of over 3000 pages of the Nazi Party history of Germany in this set, not counting over 650 pages of photographs, reprints, charts, tables and maps (a total of more than 3600 pages). The eight books in this set are:
Nazi Party members
Adolf Hitler
Horst Wessel shrine

Books from this series often sell on internet auctions today at prices between $250 and $600 per volume. This is an unusual opportunity to buy all eight of the books at one time, all in matching blue and tan half-leather bindings!

All eight of these books are in identical very good condition with just a single exception:
a former German owner wrote annotations in the white margins around some of the pictures with data such as the eventual death date of the person shown, or by pasting a clipping such data in the margin. That effort in no way damaged either images or text.



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