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Gestapo HQ
This Third Reich SS and Police dossier contains the paperwork regarding a Jew named Hans Israel Schneider and his wife Irma Sara Schneider (née Felsner) of Wien (Vienna), left Germany and relocated to South Africa in June 1935. In 1940 Schneider contacted the Spanish Consulate in Capetown to inquire about his options in obtaining a Nazi passport.

The rare 6-piece dossier we offer here contains 1940 and 1941 correspondence from Reichsführer-SS Himmler, the Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo or Secret State Police), the Head of Police in Wien and the Spanish Consulate in Capetown, South Africa.

The first piece in this unique grouping is an official copy of a letter dated 5 September 1940 written by the Spanish Consulate in Capetown, South Africa to Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler in Berlin, outlining the Schneider case.
Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler
The lawyer of a Jew named Hans Israel Schneider (born 17 April 1904, Wien) had contacted the Spanish Consul in Capetown on 29 June 1940, to inquire if it would be possible to extend Schneider’s passport number 44220 issued on 4 July 1928. If an extension would not be possible, Mr. Schneider wanted to know if a new passport could be issued for him and his wife Irma Sara (born 24 October 1909 in Wien). Schneider’s lawyer also stated that after arrival in South Africa, Schneider and his wife had registered at the German Consulate. The 5 September 1940 letter further stated that in July, Schneider personally wrote a letter to the Spanish Consul stating that he had never registered at the German Consulate after arriving in South Africa.
Nazi eagle & swastika stamps
When verifying Schneider’s story, the Spanish Consulate found out that Schneider was a Reservist in the South African Army and that he was a Jew. The Spanish Consulate is now inquiring about what to do in the Schneider case (Fall Schneider).

The next item in this grouping is a letter dated 6 February 1941 from Reichsführer-SS und Chef der deutschen Polizei Reichsministerium des Innern bearing rubber stamp Number 1 which means the letter originated in Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler’s office in Gestapo headquarters on Prinz Albrecht Straße 8 in Berlin. It was addressed to the Reichsstatthalter (the highest Gau level Nazi government civil authority) in Wien, Baldur von Schirach, and the blue receiving stamp shows the letter arrived on 12 February 1941. Himmler’s Deputy Vollmer sent Von Schirach a copy of the letter written by the Spanish Consulate in Capetown outlining the Schneider case and stated he wanted additional background information on Schneider.
Gestapo HQ Berlin
Apparently Himmler did not receive an answer fast enough because the next item in this grouping is a note from Gestapo headquarters on Prinz Albrecht Straße in Berlin (shown right) dated 18 March 1941. This note to the Reichsstatthalter in Wien also has Himmler’s Reichsführer-SS und Chef der deutschen Polizei Reichsministerium des Innern rubber stamp Number 1 with eagle and swastika on it and urgently requested a response to the Himmler letter of 6 February.
Reichsführer-SS und Chef der deutschen Polizei
The Reichsstatthalter’s office had apparently asked the police and Gestapo in Wien to help investigate the background of the Schneiders, as the next piece in this dossier is a letter from the President of Police to Reichsstatthalter von Schirach’s office. This letter is dated 9 April 1941 and stated that the Schneider investigation had not been finished and that the requested information could not yet be supplied.

On 9 May 1941 the Gestapo in Wien wrote to the Reichsstatthalter regarding “the Passport Issues of the Jews Hans Israel and Irma Sara Schneider”. Investigations into their background did not turn up any political or criminal behavior, and that therefore the Gestapo would not be opposed to a passport extension of 6 months. However, as to issuing the German nationality, Schneider’s participation as a reservist in the South African Army should be taken into consideration. This letter has a Geheime Staatspolizei Staatspolizei Leitstelle 81 Wien rubber stamp with eagle and swastika in the middle.

Gestapo HQ
This Gestapo conclusion was sent on to Heinrich Himmler’s office in Berlin where it was not well received! The last piece of this historic grouping is on the letterhead of Reichsführer-SS und Chef der deutschen Polizei, Himmler’s office in Gestapo headquarters on Prinz Albrecht Straße in Berlin. The letter dated 10 June 1941 leaves no doubt that Himmler disagreed with the Vienna Gestapo and that a passport extension would not be allowed.
This letter was drawn up by Dr. Hoffmann in Himmler’s office and has the very rare purple stamp Der Chef der Sicherheitspolizei und der SD at the bottom.

These pieces of original Nazi era SS and Gestapo correspondence have official receiving stamps and many handwritten notes on them. This is incredibly rare Third Reich material, showing the complex rules regarding Jews, even those who had left Nazi Germany.

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This unique SS, Gestapo, Nazi Police Dossier is
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