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Waffenrock conversion
A late-war untampered-with Nazi Waffenrock conversion tunic - 100% original,
still with a Munich tailor's paper tag on the cuff of the left sleeve
Eickhorn model 1938 Nazi Railway dagger
One of the very best original Eickhorn model 1938 Nazi Railway daggers anywhere along with the Nazi promotion document in its original Mappe, and four medal documents with three of the four original Third Reich medals - all in the name of a single Nazi Reichsbahndirektor!
Nazi fireman uniform
Original unissued Nazi era Feuerschutz Rock or fireman uniform jacket
with original tailoring tag from Uniformfabrik Franz Fiedler.
nazi pants
A pair of tailor-made pair of Nazi Artillery Officer uniform trousers.
A full-color NSDAP wall chart showing badges, insginia, flags, uniforms,
visor caps, signs of the NSDAP - a superb 36 inch long reproduction
Nazi cloth insignia
An excellent selection of absolutely 100% original Third Reich SS, NSKK, Gebirgsjäger, Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe, Army cloth insignia, sleeve and cap eagles.
EK I L/58
An absolutely honest World War II Nazi Iron Cross First Class
with LDO number L/58 stamped on the pin
Original Nazi Schupo shoulder boards, NSDAP Amtleiter collar tabs, NSDAP
Political Leader visor cap cord and gold eagle and swastika buttons, and more.
Original steel SS Enlisted Man / NCO belt buckle RZM 155/43.
A genuine Imperial German helmet decoration - fragile and rare!
Sword hanger
An original Third Reich leather and brass Nazi Army Officer's sword hanger.
eagle and swastika
Original Third Reich Hitler Youth and Luftwaffe belt buckles.
SS uniform
We have identified the man photographed wearing it!
Nazi pilot badge
A variety of Third Reich patches or Webabzeichen.
Information you should know about the fakers - pass it on.
Correspondence grouping regarding retail sales of Nazi medals and orders -
Dr. Doehle at the Reichschancellery, Nazi Police, etc.
Nazi medal
Late war letters requesting permission to sell Nazi Badges and Nazi Medals.
Nazi belt keeper
New-Old-Stock belt ends or “keepers” directly from
the Overhoff Company in Lüdenscheid, Germany
Nazi dagger
Interesting Nazi dagger information for collectors!