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German photo album - Japanese conquests in the Pacific
8-1/2 X 11-1/4 INCH
German photo album - Pacific
German and English photo captions
This is an amazing German album with genuine photographic prints mounted on the right hand pages and German photo captions mounted on the left hand pages.

After this Third Reich album was captured someone pasted in excellent typed American translations of the printed photo captions beneath the German ones.

Jap soldiers
German citizens in the Dutch East Indies
This huge album measures about 11 x 14 inches by about 3 inches thick and was apparently put together in Nazi Germany to illustrated the Imperial Japanese Blitzkrieg in the Pacific and the welcome Japanese troops received from the people they “liberated”. The heavy hardcovers are clad in brown imitation leather and the binding is with screw posts.
Jap attack Malaysia
The 60 pictures in the album are all absolutely real photographic prints made from negatives, that measure about 8-1/2 x 11-1/4 inches. Each print is mounted to a right-hand album page and facing it is a 8-1/4 x 10 inch piece of ivory paper with a photo caption printed in German in brown ink. Below each German caption someone has mounted a piece of white paper on which the German caption has been properly translated into American English. This album was probably once the property of the United States Government as a part of a World War II War Department library.
Jap tank Japs in the jungle
The photographs depict the Jap victories in the Pacific from the bombing of Pearl Harbor to the Dutch surrender in the Dutch East Indies, to the Battle of the Coral Sea and tanks on parade on the occasion of the birthday of the war criminal Emperor Hirohito. There are eight big photographs shot during the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii including one of the four commanders of the special Jap submarines that took part in that sneak attack.
Japanese soldiers Hong Kong
There are Jap bombers attacking and sinking Allied ships, including “HMS Repulse” and “HMS Prince of Wales”, Jap soldiers salvaging British equipment in Hong Kong, “liberated” Indian troops demonstrating against British Rule, Jap troops in combat in the Philippines, and street fighting and British prisoners of war in Malaysia.
Jap general Jap tank
Jap tanks are shown in the fighting around Singapore, as is General Yamashita and his staff. A Jap soldier places drinks, flowers and tobacco on the graves of three of his dead comrades, three soldiers inspect the wreckage of a British aircraft and Jap propaganda teams hand out leaflets saying that they came as “friends and liberators”.
Japanese "liberator" Japanese troops
There is a photograph of Jap bomber crews preparing for a mission, the bombing of Rangoon, Jap infantry passing the Pagoda of Sul Pahaya, Jap tanks advancing in Burma and paratroopers dropping on Sumatra. The destruction of the Dutch harbor at Batavia is shown, as are liberated German inhabitants of the Netherlands Indies.
Allied plane wreck Jap tank
Jap soldiers are shown peacefully approaching their victims and there is a formal photo of Dutch Brigadier General Starkenborg “offering unconditional surrender” to Japanese General Imamura. There are Jap Air Force photos of the sinking of an American aircraft carrier, the occupation of “Neu-Pommern” (New Britain) and “Neu-Mecklenburg” (New Ireland), etc.
Surrender Japanese soldier graves
We have bought and sold German militaria for many, many years and have never seen another example of this big, rare photo album. It may be unique. The condition of the photographs is very good and the album itself is good +.
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