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This 100% original M1940 Luftwaffe single decal helmet is **SOLD**
   • Add $17.45 for Priority Mail with USPS Tracking in the continental USA.
   • IF you wish to purchase optional insurance, add $12.75.
   • We will be happy to ship abroad at additional cost.  Please inquire.

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Luftwaffe single decal steel helmet
Luftwaffe Stahlhelm
Luftwaffe eagle decal
original Third Reich markings
model 1940 Nazi Luftwaffe steel helmet with Luftwaffe eagle decal
Luftwaffe helmet chin strap
Original Third Reich Luftwaffe combat helmet
Luftwaffe helmet liner
Luftwaffe helmet - brought back from Europe by an American veteran at the end of World War 2
Luftwaffe Stahlhelm - brought back from Europe by an American veteran at the end of WWII

This is a very nice size 57 original steel Nazi combat helmet that has never before been owned by a dealer or collector. It has never been to a MAX or other militaria show and has never been messed with.

The helmet was brought back from Europe by an American veteran at the end of World War 2 exactly as you see it. It is a 100% original model 1940 Nazi Luftwaffe single decal steel helmet in medium blue-grey with a semi-rough finish on the outside. It has the classic M1940 shape and rolled edge and the condition of the eagle decal on the left side would be called "remarkable" if this helmet was offered for sale on one of the big German helmet websites on the internet (the helmet would also be priced from $200 - $400 higher).  The outside finish is slightly darker than the inside medium-grey paint but it was altered when the helmet was new.
We removed (and then put back) the original liner drawstring to make a photo of the inside of the heavy steel shell which still has 99% of its original paint.
The left inside of the flair is stamped Q64, the rear inside flair is stamped DN22C, and the original chin strap end is stamped dla42 for Karl Barth of Waldbröhl/Rheinland, the maker.  The chin strap buckle is steel painted light grey. The liner leather is complete and in good condition and there is no sweat staining on the grey felt padding.
95% of the original outside paint is still there and that which is missing has been missing since the end of World War II, judging from the patina on what little exposed steel there is. There are no dents or cracks in the steel. There is no rubber stamp inside the crown of the helmet and no name written on the helmet or liner.
The outside of the helmet shell has a fine rather than coarse granular surface to the paint that is most evident in the close-up photo above of the eagle and swastika.
Curiously, a very, very similar helmet that can be found on a big-name German helmet website, is described as one once worn by a former Pope when he was a teenage FLAK helper in the German Luftwaffe! We make no such claim for this one; it is just a very nice completely original Third Reich example brought home by an American veteran that has never been messed with.



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