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Nazi airplane engine book
"We Recap Aircraft Engine Production", an illustrated 1943 Nazi educational book
containing 1400 Questions and Answers about Airplane Engine
Technology, Materials, Labor and Technical Calculations
A rare WW2 Military Intelligence Aircraft Recognition Pictorial manual updated
through 1945 covering the World War II aircraft of the United States Army and
Navy, British aircraft, Luftwaffe aircraft (at least 68 pages), Imperial Japanese
aircraft, Fascist Italian aircraft, Soviet Russian and miscellaneous aircraft.
Schwert am Himmel Luftwaffe Buch
"Sword in the Sky", a 1940 Nazi photo book about the Luftwaffe, the Nazi Air Force
and all their achievements during the last five years. SUPERB photo content!
Five heavily illustrated 1939 issues of the rare NSFK model airplane magazine
Deutsche Luftwacht Modellflug complete with fold-out plans.
Menschen im Werk aus der groessten deutschen Luftwaffenschmiede
Menschen im Werk, a fine 1940 Nazi photo book documenting the important wartime
work done by workers at the Junkers airplane factory. Great photo content!
Nazi Luftwaffe in Norway photo book 1941
Wonderful Third Reich photo book about the participation of the
Luftwaffe in the capture of Norway in 1940.
Deutsche Lufthansa AG Wirtschaftliche Fluggestaltung Ju52
A rare illustrated Third Reich Deutsche Lufthansa in-house report analyzing
the characteristics of the Junkers Ju 52 airplane specifically addressing
its redevelopment for use in commercial aviation.
LW eagle
Huge 1942 2nd Expanded Edition of the technical handbook for parts and assemblies
used in the construction of aircraft of German manufacturers.
The 1941 hardcover Luftwaffe photo book FLIEGERHORST OSTMARK (Air Base Austria) by Major Walther Urbanek covering in detail the deployment of Luftwaffe Südost and Luftgau XVII). With original dust jacket.
Fliegende Front
A fine First Edition of the superb 1942 hardcover full-color Luftwaffe photo book
Fliegende Front (Flying Front).
Udet Molders
A rare 424-page hard cover Nazi aviation book with many color
illustrations"Plunge to Victory - The Marvel of the Ju88".
MOTOR SCHAU Januar 1942
The January 1941 issue of Motor Schau with features on the Ju52 medical planes,
SS-Standartenführer Jakob Werlin, Luftwaffe airplanes, aircaft engines and weapons.
Der Adler magazines
Lots of original German language editions of the Third Reich aviation magazine
Der Adler
(The Eagle) including the special 'Condor Legion' edition.
Nazi Aviation Magazines LUFTWISSEN 1942 BOUND
All 1942 issues of the heavily illustrated Nazi aviation magazine Deutsche Luftwacht LUFTWISSEN published in association with the Lilienthal Association for Aviation Research in Berlin, bound in a hardcover book.  Superb photo content!
1941 Moelders und seine Maenner (Molders and his Men)
A fine hardcover edition of Mölders und seine Männer, a biography about the
famous Luftwaffe Ace by Major Fritz von Forell published in 1941 - 232 pages.
Der Luftschutz magazines 1939
All twelve 1939 issues of DER LUFTSCHUTZ, a very interesting, heavily illustrated
Nazi magazine with articles about air raid protection, aviation and aviation
equipment, HARDBOUND in a book - complete.
Jahrbuch der deutschen Luftwaffe 1940
A fine hardcover edition of the Jahrbuch der deutschen Luftwaffe 1940 (Year Book of
the Air Force) with its original dust jacket - Condor Legion, Poland Invasion.
Nazi paratrooper book SOLDATEN FALLEN VOM HIMMEL
The Nazi photo book Soldaten fallen vom Himmel about the training and action of
Luftwaffe paratroopers, written by a Fallschirmjäger Battalion Commander
- superb photo content.
LW Generalmajor Mooyer
"The Youngest Members of the Luftwaffe", a fine 1939 Hitler Youth photo book
about the technical education of future members of the Luftwaffe.
Hermann Goering co coin
All 1939 issues of the Nazi aviation magazine 'Luftwissen' - over 360 pages of
technical aviation news and aeronautical research, with fantastic
period aviation related advertising.  Priceless photographic content
Ernst Udet
The Nazi aviation magazine Deutsche Luftwacht LUFTWISSEN - all
1938 issues BOUND.
Irreplaceable historical Third Reich material!
An original brochure requesting entries in the Lilienthal Association for Aviation
Research 1942 Nazi aviation competition.  Aryan applicants only!
Junkers Dessau
An original Third Reich booklet outlining the (compulsory) health insurance obligations
and benefits for Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke employees in the year 1938.
An original 1938 Luftwaffe handbook , heavily illustrated with over 250 images and
color plates of visor caps, uniforms, shoulder boards, collar tabs, proficiency badges,
sword and bayonet knots, insignia, Luftwaffe medals and badges, firearms, etc.
Rare heavily illustrated hardcover book about the process of
the development of modern Nazi German military aircraft.
Three campy orignal 1940 and 1941 Luftwaffe pilot flight school commemorative
theather-made publications saved by a known Flieger!
Rare illustrated satirical cartoon book published for the men at the
Luftwaffe War Academy at Berlin-Gatow for Christmas 1935.
A Heinkel He 111 color print and very rare Heinkel Flugzeugwerke
propaganda related to the April 1938 Anschluss in Austria.
Norwegen 1940
A rare 1943 OKW approved Luftwaffe book about paratroopers,
mountain troops, combat and transport pilots in Norway in 1940.
Jagdgeschwader Horst Wessel
Extremely rare 1938 hard cover memorial book for the
handing over of Luftwaffe Fighter Squadron "Horst Wessel".
Oberst Willi Polte
A rare illustrated book about the early days of German aviation by
Oberst Willi Polte, a WW1 and early Lufthansa pilot and aviation pioneer.
Frontnachrichtenblatt der Luftwaffe
Rare original 1941 and 1942 Nazi aircraft photos, information, identity drawings for Luftwaffe service use only and not to be carried aboard an aircraft - superb photo content!
The heavily illustrated 1942 publication by the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht
to interest young German men to join the Luftwaffe as volunteers.
The heavily illustrated Nazi aviation almanac Adler-Jahrbuch
for the years 1941 and 1942 - superb photo content.

Adler in English

Original English language editions of the Third Reich aviation
magazine Der Adler (The Eagle) - 1940 - 1944.

Adler in French

Original 1942 French language editions of the Third Reich
aviation magazine Der Adler (The Eagle).
The wonderful rare 1941 Third Reich photo book about Stuka aircraft.
A very heavily illustrated Third Reich military aircraft recognition
book - Luftwaffe and foreign airplanes.
Luftwaffe almanac
A large selection of heavily illustrated Luftwaffe almanacs,
handbooks, calendars - 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943 and 1944.
Rare 1943 OKW photo history of the
Nazi air victory in western Europe in 1940.
WW1 air war
Book for teaching Germans to read English by couching
the process in an interesting subject -
aerial warfare!
Luftwaffe victory
A rare early 1940s Luftwaffe / Hitler Youth promotional recruiting
publication called 'The Road to Victory' - superb photos.
Heimat Luftwaffe magazines
Four original wartime photo magazines called Heimat: Ein Feldpostbrief
der Luftwaffe
 published by the NS Political Leadership within the Air Force
A selection of original Third Reich plans for model airplanes.
The Air Might of Germany - Air Force, Industry, Air Travel -
superb Nazi aviation photo book from 1941 with fold-out
Nazi ring
The heavily illustrated Nazi aviation calendar and almanac
Köhlers Flieger-Kalender for the years 1941 and 1942.
The Non-Commissioned Officer in Flak Units -
a superb 1940 illustrated Flak unit handbook.
Shell Führer für Flieger
Shell Führer für Flieger, a 1936 book containing a lot
of hard-to-find Third Reich aviation information.
3. Reich Handbuch fuer Flieger
A rare Third Reich book called HANDBUCH FÜR FLIEGER
published by Standard Oil of Hamburg, Germany in 1936.