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USM Rare Books & Third Reich collectibles
number 75
2-3/4 inch (70 mm) dogtag for Landser 5779 of the Cadre Company A of Grenadier Replacement Battalion 202
number 76
2-7/16 inch (62 mm) genuine magnetic bronzed Krim shield with 4 studs on the back side, NOT the type with tabs on the edges! Studs are broken off. **SOLD**
number 77
2 inch (50 mm) paint on brass, Münster 1933 $75.00 delivered in the USA
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Nazi Krim Shield
Third Reich Krim shield
Heimat und Reich
Nazi Münster tinnie

The items shown in accompanying photographs are part of an accumulation of absolutely authentic Third Reich material that we have gathered over the years. We have decided to offer them on the website along with a selection of Nazi belt buckles, pins, badges, medals and pre-Nazi German medals of various kinds (see links below). We have identified each item with a number and we show the complete item in close-up photographs of the front and back. If you need a larger picture, don't hesitate to ask. In the price list below, the number following the item number is the overall length of the item in its longest direction in inches.