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Have a look at a 1938 Third Reich Agfa color photography
techniques book
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This hardcover 1939 Nazi nude photography book is **SOLD**.
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Die Aktphotographie (Nude Photography)
Nazi nudes
IMPORTANT: this is a 70+ year old book that contains photographs of many nude humans. If you are offended by full-frontal or other nudity, go no farther, and do not buy it.
photographing nude aryan women
blond, blue eyed German women
Nude German woman on the beach
Die Aktphotographie (Nude Photography) is a Nazi era study of how to show the female body best in photography. It is an 8 x 9 inch, 96 page, heavily illustrated, hard cover book full of nude aryan women photographed from the front and back in nature, in photo studios, wet and dry.
This Nazi nudes book was written by well-known photographer Dr. Alfred Grabner and was published by Verlag Gottschammel und Hammer in Wien (Vienna) in 1939. 
Most of the photos in the book were taken by Dr. Grabner. Other photographers include Gyula Ramhab, Friedrich Wilhelm Reng, Gustav Presser, Andreas Feininger, Dr. Mario Finazzi, Jan de Meyere, Manning P. Brown, Michael Neumüller and others. Each photograph has a caption mentioning the type of camera used (Leica, Rolleiflex, Ihagee, Voigtländer, Zeiss-Ikon), type of film (Agfa, Kodak), filter, lamps, light bulbs (Osram), etc.

This third edition example of Die Aktphotographie is in very good condition.



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