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The pins, badges or 'tinnies' offered for sale on this USMBOOKS web page are part of an accumulation of absolutely authentic Third Reich material we have gathered over the years. We have identified each item with a number.  Please use ONLY the number when ordering!   Prices include delivery by 1st Class Mail worldwide in a padded envelope on five or more individual items listed on this webpage.
Tagungabzeichen RLB Luftschutz tut Not
T138: metal RLB Luftschutz tut Not, with original pin on the back
$ SOLD $
1935 HJ Endfest
T128: original DRK pin with cloisonné center, marked GES. GESCH. on the back.
$ SOLD $
1934 Aufwärts aus eigener Kraft Spendenabzeichen des Winterhilfswerks Lüdenscheid
T143: 1936 FREIHEIT UND BROT NSDAP election pin. Can be clipped on lapel, stick pin itself missing
SA Gruppe Kurpfalz Wettkampftage 1939
T126:  SA Gruppe Kurpfalz Wettkampftage 1939, RZM M9/20 and original pin on the back (plastic)
T142:  1 inch tall City of Düsseldorf  pin with original pinback
Kreistag Düren 1937
T110:  NSDAP Kreistag Düren 1937 with pinback
Kreistag Düren 1939
T109:  NSDAP Kreistag Düren 1939 with pinback
$ SOLD $
Nazi Kinderhilf pin
T103: Kinderhilfswerk Sudeten German pin made of wood
T103: shown from the back, marked Ges. Gesch. (Gesetzlich Geschützt)
Kriegsopfer und Frontsoldaten
T116: Honor Day for War Victims and Frontline Soldiers Bad Aachen on 12 August 1934, with pin
German School Charity
T105: DKV German Schools In Sudetenland pin made of wood
T105: shown from the back, marked Ges. Gesch. (Gesetzlich Geschützt)
1935 SA tinnie
T113: Reichswettkampf tinnie SA Group Niederrhein 1935, with pin
Saar 1935
T119: Treue um Treue Saar 1935, with pin on the back
T120: WHW charity pin "A Nation Helps Itself!" with pin
T101: Reichsarbeitsdienst RAD stickpin
T101: shown from the back, marked Ges. Gesch. (Gesetzlich Geschützt)
Kyffhauser Monument
T115: Nazi stickpin with swastika, rifles and Kyffhäuser Monument.
T122: Wehrfähig (fit for military service) pin with eagle
$ SOLD $
Seefahrt ist Not
T124: Commemorative 1935 'Day of German Seafaring' badge with pin
T104: 1938 SdP Harvest Fest
pin made of wood
$ SOLD $
1938 SdP Erntefest
T104: Sudeten Deutsche Partei
pin shown from the back
G.I.L. Mussolini
T132A: metal G.I.L. Italian Fascist Youth pin with Mussolini relief
SdP Teplitz
T106: 1935 SdP Kreistreffen
Teplitz Schönau stickpin
1933 Trier
T121: 1933 Trier 'Iron Shirt' Abzeichen with original safety pin

Have a look at our large assortment of original Third Reich WHW Abzeichen,
or Nazi charity mementoes!

1935 Tag der Arbeit
T129B: 1935 Day of Labor by Erhard & Söhne of Schwäb. Gmünd with original pinback.
$ SOLD $
1938 Tag der deutschen Kunst
T130: 1938 Day of German Art badge in relief  with pin
1936 Tag der Arbeit tinnie
T137A: May Day 1936 by Scheide Anstalt of Oberstein with pin
$ SOLD $
May Day 1937 tinnie
T135B: May Day 1937 by R. Sieper & Söhne of Lüdenscheid with pin
$ 10.00
WHW Gau Wien
T145: WHW 1938/39 charity collection Vienna with pin
Deutsch ist die Saar
T133: 1934 The Saar is German high relief tinnie with pin
VDA Leutschau Hungary
T127: VDA Leutschau metal donation pin
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