The pins, badges or 'tinnies' offered for sale on this USMBOOKS web page are part of an accumulation of absolutely authentic Third Reich material we have gathered over the years. We have identified each item with a number.  Please use ONLY the number when ordering!   Prices include delivery by 1st Class Mail worldwide in a padded envelope on two or more individual items listed on this webpage.
Tagungabzeichen RLB Luftschutz tut Not
1934 Aufwärts aus eigener Kraft Spendenabzeichen des Winterhilfswerks Lüdenscheid
T143: 1936 FREIHEIT UND BROT NSDAP election pin. Can be clipped on lapel, stick pin itself missing.
SA Gruppe Kurpfalz Wettkampftage 1939
Hitler-Jugend 'Jugendfest' 1935 Tinnie
JF35:  Hitler-Jugend Deutsches Jugendfest 1935, 1-1/2 inch tall with original pinback
Kreistag Düren 1937
T110:  NSDAP Kreistag Düren 1937 with pinback
Nazi Kinderhilf pin
T103: Kinderhilfswerk Sudeten German pin made of wood
T103: shown from the back, marked Ges. Gesch. (Gesetzlich Geschützt)
German School Charity
T105: DKV German Schools In Sudetenland pin made of wood
T120: WHW charity pin "A Nation Helps Itself!" with pin.
T101: Reichsarbeitsdienst RAD stickpin
T101: shown from the back, marked Ges. Gesch. (Gesetzlich Geschützt)
Kyffhauser Monument
T115: Nazi stickpin with swastika, rifles and Kyffhäuser Monument.
G.I.L. Mussolini
T132A: metal G.I.L. Italian Fascist Youth pin with Mussolini relief
SdP Teplitz
T106: 1935 SdP Kreistreffen
Teplitz Schönau
May Day 1937 tinnie Piezug Hellendorf
M37H: May Day 1937 manufactured by the Piezug Company of Hellendorf with original pin.
$ 8.50
WHW Gau Wien
T145: WHW 1938/39 charity collection Vienna with pin
VDA Leutschau Hungary
T127: VDA Leutschau metal WHW donation pin
May Day 1939 Deschler tinnie
DEA39: May Day 1939 'tinnie' produced by the famous manufacturer Deschler of Munich.  Measures 35mm in diameter. Condition exactly as shown above.
Day Badge for SA Competition Group Niederrhein 1939
SAN39: 100% original cream colored plastic Day Badge for SA Competition Group Niederrhein 1939 with the maker mark of Richard Sieper & Söhne of Lüdenscheid and their RZM mark M 9/25. Condition exactly as shown..
$ 32.50
DRL: Deutscher Reichsbund für Leibesübungen (DRL or German Gymnastics Association, the official governing body of amateur sport during the Third Reich) stick pin.

Have a look at additional early Nazi event badges and our large assortment of
original Third Reich WHW Abzeichen or Nazi charity mementoes!

DJH - 25 Jahre Rheinland - Jugendburg Stahleck 1911-1936
DJHS: DJH - 25 Jahre Rheinland - Jugendburg Stahleck 1911-1936 light metal pin manufactured by Hoffstätter in Bonn.  With original pinback, condition exactly as shown above. 
 $ 32.50

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T105: shown from the back, marked Ges. Gesch. (Gesetzlich Geschützt)
Schemm35: Hans Schemm Abzeichen - Haltet einander die treue Deutschland made of heavy brass, about 1-1/2 inches in diameter. Condition exactly as shown above.   Gauleiter Hans Schemm was the founder of the National Socialist Teachers' Federation.
Tag der Arbeit 1935 tinnie
TDA35: Tag der Arbeit 1935 light metal 'tinnie' 1-3/4 inch tall. Maker marked E.F. Wiedmann Frankfurt. Condition exactly as shown above.
Tag der Arbeit 1934 tinnie
TDA34: Tag der Arbeit 1934 metal 'tinnie' 1-3/8 inch in diameter. Maker marked.  Condition exactly as shown above.
1 Mai 1936 Scheideanstalt Oberstein
SCHEIDE: May Day 1936 'tinnie' 1-3/8 inch in diameter. Maker marked Scheideanstalt Oberstein.  Condition exactly as shown above.
$ 9.50
Deutsch ist die Saar
T133: 1934 The Saar is German high relief tinnie with pin.
Kaiser Wilhelm II + Kaiserin Augusta Viktoria
WAVW:  An old brass token featuring Kaiser Wilhelm II and his wife Augusta Viktoria made into a brooch. The German medallion commemorates a visit of the Kaiser und Kaiserin to Wuppertal in October 1900. The back has a picture of the city hall, coat of arms and the famous elevated railway of Wuppertal.

Condition exactly as shown right.
FdA: FEST DER ARBEIT Groß Bielefeld 24 July - 1 August 1927
Metal, condition exactly as shown right.
FEST DER ARBEIT Groß Bielefeld 24 July - 1 August 1927
GWF1: 100% original burgundy colored plastic Day Badge for the 1937 GAUTREFFEN WESTFALEN NORD that took place in Gelsenkirchen from 25 - 28 June 1937.

Condition exactly as shown left.
GWF2: left, 100% original black plastic Day Badge for the 1937 GAUTREFFEN WESTFALEN NORD that took place in Gelsenkirchen from 25 - 28 June 1937. With original pin on the back, condition exactly as shown.
1. Mai 1936 Gebr. Rood Solingen
T137D: May Day 1936 manufactured by Gebrüder Rood of Solingen with pin.  We have a second example manufactured by Schirwa of Solingen/Wald, also with original pinback.
$ 8.50
Reichsbund deutscher Kleingartner
Blut und Boden
WWI Imperial German Prussian Aviation Observer pin
AOP: WWI Imperial German Prussian or Bavarian Aviation Observer pin manufactured in 1920s.  Acquired at the estate sale of an American GI, part of a lot of Nazi era Abzeichen.
$ 55.00
Adelboden Ski Club
Having searched for Nazi cufflinks on the internet, it becomes obvious in an instant that a great proportion of those shown are modern fakes and phantoms invented by people who feel they can fool everybody most of the time.  This single red, white and black cloisonné cufflink was made in Germany during the Third Reich and shows considerable use in terms of the original silver plating that it had.
It was brought back to the United States in 1946 by a veteran who probably had no idea what it was as he only acquired one. The cufflink is beautifully made with black, white and red cloisonné disks on both sides with a flexible construction in the center. Each side of the cuff rides just behind the disk so that all one sees is a tiny but beautifully made swastika disk about a ½ inch in diameter against the cuff on both sides.

We only have ONE unfortunately and we are offering it for sale for $245.00.    Item number CCL.
If by chance you happen to have one that you'd like to sell, please let us know
what you want for it. We'd be happy to buy it.
ALSC: a high-quality metal and cloisonné pin from the Lohner Ski Club in Adelboden in the Bernese Oberland of Switzerland which came in a lot of Nazi tinnies purchased from the estate of a WW2 veteran.

Maker marked with two sturdy pins on the back. Condition exactly as shown left.
$ 25.00
1 Mai 1936 Scheideanstalt Oberstein
LRCS: Genuine Third Reich lapel ribbon with crossed swords (War Merit Cross) with original safety pin back.   Condition exactly as shown above.
$ 14.50
Hindenburg Cross
LBHC: Original Third Reich button hole ribbon for the Hindenburg Cross still attached to the original button marked DEUTSCHE MODE (German Fashion). Condition exactly as shown above.
$ 15.00
RDK: Reichsbund deutscher Kleingartner (German State Association for Gardeners) membership badge manufactured by Frank & Reif of Stuttgart.  Measures about 3/4 x 1 inch and is made of silver plated copper filled with dark green cloisonné.   

Condition exactly as shown left.
The eagle and swastika motif is the same on both sides. We can find no maker mark or hallmark, probably because the ring was resized many decades ago, most likely during the Third Reich.  The marks would have been on the bottom inside of the band.

Condition EXACTLY as shown. A rare piece of Third Reich personal jewelry.
$ SOLD $
LWRING:  This is an absolutely authentic real silver Third Reich period piece of Nazi jewelry - a man's finger ring with a period emerald-like green stone and a Luftwaffe eagle with swastika on each side. 
RADwJ pin
Reichsarbeitsdienst weibliche Jugend pin
RADwJ: above, a Labor Service of the Reich for Female Youth metal pin, 1-1/2 inches wide with original horizontal pin on the back.

Interested in a 1940
Nazi photo book on the Female Labor Service?
Click HERE.

DRL Abzeichen
Condition exactly as shown in the two images above.            $ 65.00
We have photographed the ring from all sides so any potential buyer can see the high-quality workmanship, the wear to the silver metal and to the stone.
Luftwaffe ring
Nazi Air Force ring
T142:  1 inch tall City of Düsseldorf  pin with original pinback
Hitler-Jugend 'Jugendfest' 1937 Tinnie
JF37:  Hitler-Jugend Deutsches Jugendfest 1937, 1-1/2 inch tall with original pinback
JA2: a lot of TWO original Third Reich election mementoes.  The JA ("Vote YES") lapel clip dates back to the 1933 elections in Germany.  The EIN VOLK EIN REICH EIN FÜHRER stickpin on the right is from the time of the Anschluss in 1938, and has its original pinback. 

Condition exactly as shown left.
$ 25.00
Seefahrt ist Not Veranstaltungsabzeichen
T124:  May 1935 Seefahrt ist Not, Day of German Seafaring pin , maker marked Paul Schulze & Co. Lübeck. With original pinback.
Nazi election pins
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