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The most important book in all of Nazi Germany during the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler was not Mein Kampf, but the historic book offered here. The Organisationsbuch der NSDAP or Nazi Party Organization Book measures 6 x 8-1/2 x 1-1/2 inches thick and contains over 550 pages of profusely illustrated information about the membership, political leadership, uniforms, symbols, insignia, service requirements, flags, standards, daggers, swords, and other equipment of the many paramilitary units that made up the NSDAP or Nazi Party.
This original 1936 First Edition heavily illustrated NSDAP Organization book
is **SOLD**.

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1936 Organisationsbuch der NSDAP or Nazi Party Organization Book
SS uniforms
SS Degen
NSDAP Political Leader uniforms
Führer Standard
SA unforms
NSDAP political leaders - Gau
Nazi Abzeichen
The organization of every block, every cell, local group, area group and regional group of the Nazi Party throughout Germany is described and depicted in perfect detail in amazing charts and perspective illustrations.

Each paramilitary group, such as the SA, SS, HJ, NSKK, RAD, etc., is dissected and explained so that anyone who had the need could understand all the specifics of how it was organized, the uniforms its members wore, and the requirements and responsibilities of membership in it.
All Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP or National Socialist German Workers Party) offices such as those of the Propaganda Leader, Press Chief, Foreign Press Chief, Racial-Political Office, Office for Genealogy, Law Office and Main Archive are fully explained.

There are chapters devoted to clarifying questions about the State Chamber of Culture (Reichskulturkammer or RKK), Economics, Traffic, Student Organizations and the KdF Community of the German Labor Front.
There are chapters related to laws that protected the Reich, protected the NSDAP, protected German Blood and Honor, the flag and even the Nazi eagle and swastika insignia. The back of the book contains the entire concept of "Blood Mixing" with ten graphic charts.
The book opens with a Hitler portrait frontispiece facing the title page. There is a comprehensive index followed by a foreword by Adolf Hitler, a few words by Rudolf Hess and an introduction by Reichs Organizations Leader Dr. Robert Ley. The part played by Dr. Ley in organizing the rag-tag political party Hitler dreamed up, is without parallel and is poorly understood today. The NSDAP could not have existed without Dr. Ley, and no one should attempt to discuss, write, or lecture on the subject of Nazi Germany without first gaining a good grounding with regard to Dr. Ley and this rare book. It is absolutely fundamental to any understanding of the Nazi Party or any aspect of the history of the country of Germany from 1920 to the present day.
There are over 70 full-page, full-color plates (on heavy paper) that depict virtually every conceivable Nazi flag, uniform and insignia from the Führer Standard and Blood Order to the SS Honor Ring, and from the Hitler Youth leader's dagger and sailor suits to Reichsarbeitsdienst Gorgets. There is a picture of a Nazi nurse in uniform, an Honor Pistol (a Walther PPK) and its holster, musicians uniforms, etc. There are patterns for official Nazi Party office signs, special armbands for the Reichsparteitag (Reichs Party Day), the Honor Badges of various Gaue and early Reichs Party Days. It has been said that Germans in general have a tendency to "over-explain the obvious" and this book leaves no Nazi Party organization question unanswered. It perfectly fulfilled its sole purpose.
Naturally, this book was considered extremely dangerous by the victorious Allies when they occupied Germany at the end of World War II. Examples of this book were confiscated and destroyed by the tens of thousands with the result that few originals survived the war and fewer yet survived complete and in good condition.
The wear to the hard red cloth covers is largely confined to the bottom one inch of the open edge of the back cover and the missing silver blocking to the eagle and the name on the front cover. The date14 July 1938 is handwritten above the NSDAP Gau Bayerische Ostmark Amt für Volkswohlfahrt stamp on the front fly leaf.
This original NSDAP Organization Book is a First Edition of 1936, and is in nice original condition.

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