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Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross, Oak Leaves with Diamonds Nazi eagle and swastika

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
Published in very limited numbers on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the death of Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel, this beautiful, understated 8-3/8 x 9 inch, 100 page heavily illustrated hardcover book is a perfect tribute to the near-perfect soldier - perhaps the best Germany had to offer in World War II.

Like the General himself, this book is understated yet elegant. Gold blocking of crossed Marshal’s batons under an army eagle above the word ROMMEL is all that decorates the simple desert-tan linen hard cover. Inside, the many photos are printed on finished white art paper while the text is printed on off-white matt paper.
Rommel Rommel death mask
Nazi baton Nazi swastika flag
The book is called GENERALFELDMARSCHALL ROMMEL ZUM EHRENDEN GEDENKEN (General Field Marshal Rommel - Honoring his Memory) and the title page bears the dates 15 November 1891 and 14 October 1944. There is no author or publication data because this book was privately printed in Germany in tribute to Rommel on the 40th anniversary of this death. Tributes to fallen Nazis are not allowed in Germany, regardless of their popularity.
Rommel funeral
Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel
The photographs in this book are a splendid collection - Rommel’s batons and Wehrmacht uniform cap, the folder and award documents for his Oak Leaves with Diamonds for the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross, a letter from Adolf Hitler, Rommel and Hitler, Rommel’s Pour le Mérite and his Ritterkreuz, Rommel in Africa and at the Atlantic Wall, his home in Herrlingen, and of course, Rommel in death.

The text of the book consists of an overview of Rommel’s military career in the Imperial Germany and Nazi German times and his military awards.

Rommel house in Herrlingen
Then there are tributes to the man, published in German at the time of his funeral in the fall of 1944 from the likes of Lt. Freiherr von Esebeck, Wilhelm Wessel in Die Südfront Lutz Koch in Der Zeit von Esebeck in Südhannoverschische Zeitung Deutscher Rundfunk, Adolf Hitler, Ulmer Tagblatt, Schlesische Tageszeitung, Hamburger Zeitung, Völkischer Beobachter, Hubert Neumann, Schwarzwälder Bote, Generalleutnant Kieffer, the town of Herrlingen, etc.

There is a long dissertation on Rommel’s service as commander of the Afrikakorps (DAK or Africa Corps), a photograph of his death mask, facsimiles of the cards announcing his funeral and an interesting epilogue that complete this excellent book on a remarkable soldier.

Rommel uniform
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