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Nazi soldiers
Heinrich Himmler
SS runes
Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler
Hitler Youth - HJ
This is a fine example of the very, very rare 6-1/4 x 8-3/4 inch, 72 page very heavily illustrated soft cover book Die Künstler und die SS (German Artists and the SS) as published for the Reichsführer SS - SS Hauptamt by Wilhelm Limpert Verlag in Berlin in 1944.
Tiger tank
Hitler bust
Inside a beautifully embossed cover of SS runes, a shield and oak leaves are prints of many of the very best SS related pieces of art created after 1940 in Third Reich Germany. The foreword to the book is by SS-Obergruppenführer and General der Waffen-SS Gottlieb Berger, Chief of the Hauptamt in Berlin and Heirnich Himmler’s trusted advisor on matters of racial selection.

Artworks include Der Führer und Reichskanzler by Arno Breker, Der Reichsführer-SS by Conrad Hommel, Waffen-SS im Kampf by Willi Tschech, SS-Pioniere by Ottomar Anton, Kameradschaft by Eduard Steiner, SS-Obergruppenführer Eicke by Hermann Otto Hoyer, der Tiger Tank by Georg Lebrecht, Marsch in die Stellungen by Rudolf Lipus, ....

Totenkopf SS bad dream
.... Amazone by Rudolf Alexander Agricola, Segen der Erde by Wolfgang Willrich, Jugend by Fritz Klimsch, HJ-Streifendienst by Richard Heymann, SS-Panzergrenadiere by Ernst Krause, SS-Junkerschule Tölz by C.Th. Protzen, Gebirgsjaeger by Hermann Geiseler, Europa by Karl Schuster-Winkelhof, Überführung der Toden vom 9. November by Karl Ritter vom Dombrowski, Unser Glaube - Unser Sieg by Fred Kocks, Bildnis Helga by Carl Diebitsch, Fliegerwetter by SS-Kriegsberichter Graf, Doppelposten der Waffen-SS by Gebhardt, Waffen-SS Vorkämpfer gegen den Weltfeind by Hans Schweitzer-Mjölnir, Werden by Friedrich Wilhelm Kalb, Kämpfer der Waffen-SS by SS-KB Palmowski, Studienblatt aus Russland by SS-KB Petersen, Polizei im Brandenkampf by Leo Katzmeier, Landeseigene Polizeireiter by Karl von Riefel, Allach Malachowski-Husar by Theodor Kärner, etc.
A very rare late-war Nazi art book in very good condition. Cover has yellowed with age as can be seen in our picture of it at the top of this web page.
This 1944 SS Hauptamt German art publication is
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USM book # 215
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