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1943 Kriegsflugzeuge book
Me 109
This is a good original example of the very heavily illustrated 4 x 5-3/4 inch, 168 page softcover book Kriegsflugzeuge (War Planes) as published in 1942 by Hermann Göring’s Luftfahrtministerium (State Air Ministry).
The Third Reich pocket-size book has a full-color cover. Inside, there is a general review of war plane types, bombs, torpedoes, and the markings that distinguish German and foreign aircraft. That information is followed by a 16 page section on German warplanes and separate sections on Italian, British-American and Soviet airplanes.
Boeing B-17
The aircraft in the book are shown in photographic views with performance data, followed by 3-view silhouettes.

This mid-war edition includes late model aircraft like the Martin Baltimore A-30, Boeing B-17 E and F, Douglas DC-4 Skymaster and the Russian DB-3F.

A fine pocket book that could be found during World War II in the uniform pockets of a great many Hitler Youth boys, BdM girls, Wehrmacht soldiers, sailors and airmen, as well as civilians.
Complete and in very nice used condition Original cover has a fold in it - see cover photo.

This 1942 German warplane identification booklet is
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USM book #234
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