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This original Model 1936 Nazi Schupo Service Helmet
is **SOLD**
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Nazi policeman with Shako
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Nazi police helmet
Third Reich Shako
Schutzpolizeimann Tschako
H. Becker Berlin
1942 Nazi shako
C.Th. Dicke of Lüdenscheid (RZM number M1/47)
Nazi Service Helmet for an urban policeman or Schutzpolizeimann
This is a beautiful example of a rare hard fiber Shako or Nazi Service Helmet for an urban policeman or Schutzpolizeimann, also referred to as a Schupo.  Our last photo shows a Schupo wearing this Shako with the rest of his uniform responding to question from two children.

The helmet is US size 7-1/8 or 7 which is equivalent to German size 57.

The hard fiber shell of the helmet is in fine condition as are both the front and rear visors and the circular top.  The greyish blue-green cloth that covers the Shako has no moth holes or moth damage, but the woven substrate of the cloth is visible through the nap in a few places (typical of mid-war material).  The four circular ventilation screens at the top are in very good condition and still have their sliding interior baffles.

The original tan leather lining is in excellent original condition.  Even the tan leather thong for adjusting the lining is original to the manufacture of this Shako.
The eagle and swastika plate or badge on the front was made by C.Th. Dicke of Lüdenscheid (RZM number M1/47) and has two threaded studs on the back, complete with original nuts and washers.  The leather chin strap is still supple, has its original hardware, and is clearly marked DLWP 1942.

The cockade for this helmet is dated 1943 and bears the initials CTD of the maker, C.Theodor Dicke of Lüdenscheid.

This is a very nice completely original Third Reich Shako that would be right at home in any museum.

Nazi cop
The German cop at the left wearing the same police Shako is searching the corpses of crew members of the downed American B17 bomber behind him.


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