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Nazi paramilitary pewter plate
An original Third Reich pewter souvenir plate from Nürnberg, City of the Nazi Party Days
with paramilitary symbols (SS, SA, HJ, NSFK, NSKK, DAF, RAD,
Genuine two-sided Third Reich swastika Nationalflagge or State Flag
measuring 35 x 50 cm (13-3/4 x 19-3/4 inches). 
LAH Wellner Kaffeekanne
A 100% original Third Reich Alpacca Kaffeekanne or coffee pot with
LAH monogram produced by August Wellner & Sohne in Aue in Saxony.
Wellner Elf
Very rare original Third Reich silver metal Wellner Elf retail store silverware display.
swastika tinnie
A large selection of original Third Reich Abzeichen: Nazi military and paramilitary
organization membership pins, Day Badges, 'tinnies' etc.
A genuine Third Reich glass bottle that once held the
German-made Coca Cola knock-off AfriCola.
Nazi whip
A rare wooden and leather whip described in an official period American photo
as a whip used by Nazi concentration Camp guards.
An absolutely genuine metal Third Reich Ehrenpreis or honor awardwith a heavy
relief image of a Wehrmacht Funker or radio operation somewhere in the field.
A superb porcelain Nazi SS saucière or gravy boat almost 1 foot long - pure white with
black SS Siegrunen on gold bands, by Haas & Czjzek (H & C) of Schlaggenwald.
An original Third Reich pewter souvenir plate from
Nürnberg, City of the Nazi Party Days.
A spectacular piece of German porcelain with hunting scenes
- exquisitely done!
Swastika die
A metal die for embossing or printing a 7 mm square swastika.
HJ flag
A nice assortment of various genuine Third Reich pins, badges and tinnies.
An assortment of original WHW Third Reich charity collection Abzeichen
NSDAP Bildtafel
A full-color NSDAP wall chart showing badges, insginia, flags, uniforms,
visor caps, signs of the NSDAP -a superb 36 inch long reproduction
A superb leather wallet from ALA, the Nazi's own, and Germany's
largest advertising agency - with telephone directory
Nazi badge
A very rare porcelain Nazi badge from the Grenzland Kundgebung
or Borderland Rallies held in Weiden, Bayerische Ostmark in 1933.
Trench art
A superb piece of German shell fragmet trench art.
An original Nazi era Krupp Berndorf box that once held one dozen
Alpacca model 9908 Krupp Berndorf table knives.
swastika logo
Four original Third Reich alpaca silver, swastika marked, serving pieces
from Adolf Hitler's hotel in Nürnberg, Der Deutsche Hof.
Knights Cross
Nazi Ritterkreuz recipients from Cologne commemorative ribbon.
DRL Sportabzeichen
Original Nazi Sport Badge miniature lapel pin and a
DRL booklet with requirements for women.
1926 RPT Weimar
A fine 1926 Weimar Nazi Party Days participant badge (tinnie) copy.
Perfect copies of a Degesch ZYKLON can with the label, or just the replica label alone.
Hitler Bust
** SOLD **
A  very rare Third Reich cloisonné pin of the
UNITAS German whaling company launched in September 1937.
A genuine cast aluminum grave marker for a young
Italian Marinesoldat who died for Germany in 1943.
A nice assortment of genuine Third Reich eagle and swastika pins.
Nazi stickpin
A variety of Third Reich lapel pins from various organizations.
Nazi beer stein
Commemorative Nazi beer Stein presented to
someone who worked on Nazi freeway construction.
Iron Cross
A fine, very heavy original all-metal German picture frame
manufactured in the shape of an Iron Cross.
German medal
Pre Third Reich Germans medals, badges and pins.
Mementos from the Führer Haus on the Obersalzberg outside Berchtesgaden.
4 Original Third Reich Wellner alpaca forks.
ring box
Unused satin lined German leatherette ring box from Munich.
A variety of Nazi figures and models: Adolf Hitler, Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler
flag bearer Josef Wunsche, SS Leibstandarte Oberschutze,etc.
18 full-color Philipp "Fips" Rupprecht illustrations
from one of the most anti-Semitic Nazi books ever published!
Wewelsburg Castle
Battery operated wall clock featuring a night-tme view of
the SS Order Castle at Wewelsburg.
Nazi dagger
A relief of a miniature SS dagger on a heavy copper disc - key fob.