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Nazi map of the USA
  A special 1943 publication by Dr. Goebbels' Das Reich newspaper with 100 maps of
period military, political and economic importance to explain the historic developments
and strategic connections of the area to the war then raging around the world.
Denkmaeler der Gemeinschaft : Ein Buch von den Gemeinschaftsarbeiten im Traditionsgau Munchen-Oberbayern
A fine, oversize photo book on Nazi community construction projects called
Denkmaeler der Gemeinschaft
in Nazi Gau Munich-Upper Bavaria. Rare!
Das Antlitz der Deutschen Frau (The Face of the German Woman), 1938 First Edition
Das Antlitz der Deutschen Frau, a 1938 First Edition of the Nazi photo book
about the importance of the role of the German woman and mother in Germany's
past, present and future, and as a wife. With a foreword by Emmy Goering.
Bilder aus Berlin, Potsdam und Umgebung, Atlantis Verlag Berlin 1936
"Pictures from Berlin, Potsdam and the Surrounding Area", a fine 1936 Nazi photo
book with captions in German, English and French produced especially
for international visitors to the 1936 Summer Olympics
SS helmet
The superb 1943 OKW photo book  Das Gesicht des deutschen Soldaten, photo
portraits of Nazi soldiers, Kriegsmarine sailors, Waffen-SS troopers and Luftwaffe
airman usually wearing a tunic, helmet or visor cap, equipment and weapons.
KdF Wagen
Lot of three Nazi automotive Deutsche Reichspost postage stamps canceled at
the International Automobile & Motorcycle Exhibition in Berlin in 1939.
RFSS Himmler mit Heimkehrer
A 1941 First Edition of Reichsaufbau im Osten by Gauleiter Fritz Wächtler,
a fine Nazi photo book about the enlargement of the Hitler's Germany in
the East and the importance of bringing this area up to German standards.
1940 Luftwaffe pilot map
An original 1940 multi-color Luftwaffe pilot aerial navigation map of the eastern Mediterranean called Luftnavigationskarte in Merkatorprojektion Östlisches Mittelmeer.
OLYMPIA, Leni Riefenstahl
Two heavily illustrated original Nazi promotional movie brochures for the 1936 Leni Riefenstahl movie Olympia (Olympia - Fest der Schönheit and Olympia - Fest der Völker).
Danzig im Reich, Volk und Reich Verlag 1939
Danzig im Reich, a fine 1939 Nazi photo book published by Volk und Reich Verlag
after the historic Hanseatic city had become part of Hitler's Germany again.
Superb photo content not found in  other Third Reich books on the subject.
Promotional Nazi film brochures
A large selection of original Nazi era promotional movie brochures for UFA, Tobis,
Arya and Germania films such as Kopf hoch Johannes!, Feldzug in Polen, Das Wunschkonzert, Feuertaufe, Sechs Tage Heimaturlaub, and even the highest
grossing Third Reich movie Die Grosse Liebe starring Zarah Leander.
A heavily illustrated 1943 Nazi book from the Heimat und Volk series
about Germanic runic symbols in Niederdonau, Ahnengau des Führers.
Construction Projects in Nazi Germany, 1937 photo book
A fine 1937 Nazi photo book showcasing impressive National Socialist
construction projects in Hitler's Germany called Bauten des Dritten Reiches.
Nazi diplomatic dinner seating plan 1935
A 100% original seating plan of the 25 March 1935 state dinner for the British
Ambassador and Foreign Secretary. Among the Nazi dignitaries attending were Göring, Goebbels, Himmler, Hess, generals, many cabinet ministers including Justice Minister Gürtner whose seat is marked on this rare piece of Third Reich ephemera.
Luftwaffe Officer Christmas cartoon book
A rare Christmas 1935 Berlin-Gatow Luftkriegsschule illustrated cartoon book
published for Luftwaffe Officers in training at the Nazi War Academy west of Berlin
Neues Deutschland - Ein Bildbuch für die Auslandsdeutsche Jugend, a fine 1939
photo book highlighting "The New Germany", published by Heinrich Hoffmann.
DAS WERDEN DES REICHES, a 1939 Nazi book that shows the different
configurations of the German State in maps - Heinrich I, Prussia,
World War I through the Greater Germany of Adolf Hitler.
Nazi Party membership pin, button hole back, RZM marked
TWO different, 100% original Third Reich Nazi Party membership lapel pins,
RZM marked, one with a button hole back and one with a safety pin back.
General Eugen von Falkenhayn
The rare historical official family announcement of the death of Prussian General and Pour Le Mérite recipient Eugen von Falkenhayn, whose family included General Erich von Falkenhayn, Auguste-Viktoria Countess von Bismarck Bohlen, Fieldmarshal Fedor von Bock, Henning von Tresckow and a granddaughter who was the wife of Wernher von Braun!
Walter von Reichenau
A 1942 hardcover example of Soldatenantlitz in der Schlacht, a rare Nazi soldier combat photo book by Wehrmacht General Field Marshal von Reichenau printed in Paris.
Leni Riefenstahl
The huge 1936 Nazi Olympic Games book by Leni Riefenstahl called SCHÖNHEIT
(The Beauty of Olympic Competition) - a fine
oversized First Edition example printed on glossy paper.
Deutschland Städte Quartett
A rare Nazi card game called DEUTSCHLAND STAEDTE-QUARTETT or
Germany's Cities Quartett, complete with 48 illustrated cards, instructions
and its original Third Reich box.
SS Wewelsburg reference photo book
A 5 pound 464-page reference book about Reichsführer-SS Himmler's SS castle at
Wewelsburg and the collections of its SS Museum - hundreds
and hundreds of full-color and black & white photographs.
Flieger im Kampf, Nazi aviation photo book 1939
Flieger im Kampf, a rare 1939 Nazi photo book covering the Luftwaffe air campaign
over Poland with up-close war correspondent photos of Luftwaffe personnel,
combat clothing and equipment  not found in other Third Reich aviation books.
1941 Nazi map RUSSIA
Original Europäisches Russland Strassenkarte, a huge 43 x 53 inch, multicolor map
of the western and southern Soviet Union published by Gea Verlag of Berlin
in October 1941. All the famous names of Operation Barbarossa!
Nationalsozialistische Grenzland-Kundgebung, Karlsruhe 1933
Rare original guidebook to the first NSDAP Rally held in Karlsruhe in the state
of Baden along the French border after the Nazis came to power
Hitlerjugend sieht England, 1938
An extremely rare, limited edition illustrated Nazi book published by the University
of Leipzig about the impressions of ten Hitler Youth Leaders from Saxony
who spent three weeks in England in the spring of 1938.
WW2 in southern Holland
War and Recovery in North Limburg 1940-1950, a commemorative photo book about
World War II and its immediate aftermath in southern Holland - great photo content.
1939 Der Adler magazine CONDOR LEGION
A fine May 1939 special edition of the heavily illustrated Third Reich aviation
magazine Der Adler (The Eagle) on the victorious 'Condor Legion'.
Die Propagandastaffel der OT Berichtet
A fine 1941 Nazi photo book about the enormous accomplishments of courageous 
OT Frontarbeiter, men of Organisation Todt working on the frontlines,
side-by-side with the Wehrmacht - rare photo content.
Nazi beer bottle stoppers
A collection of eleven Third Reich ceramic bottle stoppers from beer breweries
and mineral water bottlers in Nazi Germany.
German-American Day Badge Gautreffen Chicago 1938
An absolutely genuine Deutscher Volkstag 'Bund' badge or German-American Day
Badge, produced for the Nazi Gautreffen Mittelwest in July 1938 in Chicago - very rare.
DIE LUFTREISE Zeitschrift 1937
SEVEN Third Reich issues of DIE LUFTREISE, the heavily illustrated magazine for worldwide air travel published in Nazi Berlin, with superb aviation advertising.
Nazi hunting knife
Der deutsche Jäger, heavily illustrated Nazi hunting magazines from April 1942 - March 1943 BOUND. Includes the East Front death announcements of Prince Gabriel von Thurn und Taxis and German Cross in Gold recipient Oberleutnant Josef Kiermeier, and many personal ads of hunters, widows and nature loving people looking for a spouse!
Nazi snapshots
Interesting Nazi era snapshots:  Nazi generals, a Munich state funeral in 1937, a 1939 baptism, a KdF performance in Vienna less than 2 weeks before the Burgtheater was bombed, RLB members with female factory workers, etc.  PAGE 1PAGE 2
Nazi submarine U-Boot postcards
A fine selection of original Nazi color postcards featuring Kriegsmarine
submarines or U-Boote. No reproductions!
WW2 military knife, Pacific Teater custom-made
An authentic big WW2 Pacific Theater of Operations-made D Guard Fighting Knife
with custom leather scabbard, made for a known American Sergeant of Engineers.
Bei uns in Deutschland, Nazi book
The 1938 hardcover Volk und Reich Verlag photo book BEI UNS IN DEUTSCHLAND
by Friedrich Heiss showcasing the improvements in Nazi Germany since 1933
Die KUNST art magazine 1939
All TWELVE 1939 issues of the huge Nazi "Kunst" magazine, in the rare "B" edition
with heavily illustrated architecture features on the New Reichschancellery in Berlin
and the Nazi Party Chancellery and Führerbau in Munich - over 1000 pages!
1941 Operation Silver Fox photo lot
A historic lot of 54 original Nazi photos taken by a member of the RAD serving with
the Wehrmacht in northern Norway and Finland during Operation Silberfuchs in the
summer of 1941. Includes a rare photo of General Dietl on the Russian border.
Deutsches Berufsbeamtentum, Hermann Neef 1942
Deutsches Berufsbeamtentum, an obscure but important Third Reich book from
1942 about the "administrative army", Nazi Career Civil Servants
and their important role in Adolf Hitler's Germany.
Das Heim im Reicsarbeitsdienst, 1937
A fairly unknown 1937 hardcover photo book showing the high-quality housing
for the men serving in the Reichsarbeitsdienst or Nazi State Labor Service.
Kunst im deutschen Reich August-September 1940
Ausgabe A and Ausgabe B of the August-September 1940 double issue of the Die Kunst im deutschen Reich with superb artwork as well as architecture by Albert Speer, including his own house near the Berghof and the huge atelier of sculptor Josef Thorak.
Nazi airplane engine book
"We Recap Aircraft Engine Production", an illustrated 1943 Nazi educational book
containing 1400 Questions and Answers about Airplane Engine
Technology, Materials, Labor and Technical Calculations
1942 Postsparbuch
An original 1942 Deutsche Reichspost Postsparbuch and Postsparbuch Ausweiskarte,
a Nazi savings account ID opened in 1942 by a farmer from Oberviechtach,
south of Flossenbürg Concentration Camp.
Anleitung zur Benutzung des Postcheckkontos, 1943
"Introduction on how to use the Postal Checking Account”, rare and in-depth
 instructions printed for Nazi Postal Bank customers by the Deutsche Reichspost in 1943.
Nazi Victory in Norway 1940
"Victory in the North", a fine Nazi book about the mountain- and paratrooper, and Kriegsmarine invasion of Denmark and Norway in April 1940 with gritty, up-close photos of the battle and Wehrmacht forces involved. Captions in German, English and French.
Two rare original 1938 issues of the Nazi genealogy research magazine
Familie, Sippe, Volk about race, family and the maintenance of pure German blood.
"Victory in the West" by Friedrich Heiss, a gritty Volk und Reich photo book
about the successful 1940 Wehrmacht invasion of Holland, Belgium and France.
1939 Victory in Poland
"Victory in the East" by Friedrich Heiss, a rare 1940 Volk und Reich book about
the successful Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939, with gritty, up-close photos.
DDAC membership
A very rare illustrated 1939 DDAC (German Automobile Club) member recruiting
competition brochure featuring car badges, pennants, DDAC lapel pins, etc.
Das war der Krieg in Polen, Rolf Heller
"That was the War in Poland" a Nazi book with unusual close-up photos
and battle maps of the German invasion of Poland in September 1939.