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Die KUNST art magazine 1939
All TWELVE 1939 issues of the huge Nazi "Kunst" magazine, in the rare "B" edition
with heavily illustrated architecture features on the New Reichschancellery in Berlin
and the Nazi Party Chancellery and Führerbau in Munich - over 1000 pages!
Die Kunst im dritten Reich June 1938
The June 1938 issue of the fancy Nazi art magazine "The Arts in the Third Reich"
with a superb photo feature on the Nazi Air Ministry in Berlin, and
striking woodcuts by Georg Sluyterman von Langeweyde.
Die Kunst im deutschen Reich May 1940
The May 1940 issue of  Die Kunst im deutschen Reich  with a heavily illustrated
feature on sculptures of German war heroes and advertising for
Albert Speer's book on the New Reichschancellery in Berlin.
Deutsches Berufsbeamtentum, Hermann Neef 1942
Deutsches Berufsbeamtentum, an obscure but important Third Reich book from
1942 about the "administrative army", Nazi Career Civil Servants
and their important role in Adolf Hitler's Germany.
Die Kunst im deutschen Reich, Juni 1943 Ausgabe A
Das Heim im Reicsarbeitsdienst, 1937
A fairly unknown 1937 hardcover photo book showing the high-quality housing
for the men serving in the Reichsarbeitsdienst or Nazi State Labor Service.
Kunst im deutschen Reich August-September 1940
Ausgabe A and Ausgabe B of the August-September 1940 double issue of the Die Kunst im deutschen Reich with superb artwork as well as architecture by Albert Speer, including his own house near the Berghof and the huge atelier of sculptor Josef Thorak.
April 1942 Die Kunst im deutschen Reich
The April 1942 issue of the huge, fancy Nazi art magazine Die Kunst im
deutschen Reich
, featuring many fine nude sculptures by Fritz Klimsch and more.
Nazi tank painting 1942 Russia
Die Kunst im deutschen Reich 1941
The 1941 issues of the high-quality oversize heavily illustrated Nazi art magazine
, professionally bound as a hardcover book.
Originalfotos Berlin August 1936
A rare unpublished Nazi photo lot featuring Olympic Berlin, huge eagle decorations, hundreds of swastika banners, cars with SS and Wehrmacht license plates,
Adolf Hitler Square, Nazi policemen, the Olympic Stadium, etc.
MeinKampf, Adolf Hitler
Two examples of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler: a hardcover 1942 blue cloth edition
printed in the easy to read TIMES font and a half-leather 1940 Kriegsausgabe 
given to newlyweds near Bayreuth in September 1941.
Nazi airplane engine book
"We Recap Aircraft Engine Production", an illustrated 1943 Nazi educational book
containing 1400 Questions and Answers about Airplane Engine
Technology, Materials, Labor and Technical Calculations
1942 Postsparbuch
An original 1942 Deutsche Reichspost Postsparbuch and Postsparbuch Ausweiskarte,
a Nazi savings account ID opened in 1942 by a farmer from Oberviechtach,
south of Flossenbürg Concentration Camp.
Anleitung zur Benutzung des Postcheckkontos, 1943
"Introduction on how to use the Postal Checking Account”, rare and in-depth
 instructions printed for Nazi Postal Bank customers by the Deutsche Reichspost in 1943.
Nazi Victory in Norway 1940
"Victory in the North", a fine Nazi book about the mountain- and paratrooper, and Kriegsmarine invasion of Denmark and Norway in April 1940 with gritty, up-close photos of the battle and Wehrmacht forces involved. Captions in German, English and French.
Fragebogen der NS-Vermittlungsstelle Wien
An original 1938 Nazi Claim Questionnaire from the NS-Vermittlungsstelle for
an early Austrian National Socialist, a 25 year old pilot and butcher,
complete with ID photo showing Lev Masterer holding his SA dagger
Deutschlands Grenzen im Westen, Westwall
A colorful Nazi map showing the western borders Nazi Germany, with the Westwall and the Maginot Line as well as German colonies in Africa, produced by the Central Publishing House of the Nazi Party before the 1940 Wehrmacht invasion of western Europe.
Two rare original 1938 issues of the Nazi genealogy research magazine
Familie, Sippe, Volk about race, family and the maintenance of pure German blood.
"Victory in the West" by Friedrich Heiss, a gritty Volk und Reich photo book
about the successful 1940 Wehrmacht invasion of Holland, Belgium and France.
1939 Victory in Poland
"Victory in the East" by Friedrich Heiss, a rare 1940 Volk und Reich book about
the successful Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939, with gritty, up-close photos.
DDAC membership
A very rare illustrated 1939 DDAC (German Automobile Club) member recruiting
competition brochure featuring car badges, pennants, DDAC lapel pins, etc.
An original 1938 Reibert Army Artillery handbook with over 500 images and 14 color
plates of visor caps, uniforms, firearms, shoulder boards, collar tabs, sword and bayonet knots, insignia, Nazi medals and badges, saluting, marching, espionage techniques, etc.
Das war der Krieg in Polen, Rolf Heller
"That was the War in Poland" a Nazi book with unusual close-up photos
and battle maps of the German invasion of Poland in September 1939.
1941 Operation Silver Fox photo lot
A historic lot of 54 original Nazi photos taken by a member of the RAD serving with
the Wehrmacht in northern Norway and Finland during Operation Silberfuchs in the
summer of 1941. Includes a rare photo of General Dietl on the Russian border.
1941 Nazi identity documents issued to Dr. Irmgard Wildner, a well-educated
multi-lingual young woman who worked at Joachim von Ribbentrop's Nazi
Foreign Office in the government quarter of Reichshauptstadt Berlin.
An original 1938 Luftwaffe handbook , heavily illustrated with over 250 images and
color plates of visor caps, uniforms, shoulder boards, collar tabs, proficiency badges,
sword and bayonet knots, insignia, Luftwaffe medals and badges, firearms, etc.
KdF Urlauberschiff Sierra Cordoba
A unique Nazi photo album from a 20 year old woman who took a KdF cruise to
Norway on the Norddeutscher Lloyd ship "Sierra Cordoba" in July 1937,
with original Sierra Cordoba cap tally!
The Nazi passport of 40 year old Martha Heims of Berlin who visited the 1937 Paris Expo
in September 1937 and traveled across the Brenner Pass to Italy in August 1938.
Deutschlands Wehrmacht 1938
Deutschlands Wehrmacht or Germany's Armed Forces as published by
Rheinische Landeszeitung in 1938, complete with 12 corner mounted
(easily removable) full-color military postcards
Mein Deutscland Nazi photo book
A fine 1937 hardcover patriotic photographic tribute to Nazi Germany and its people called Mein Deutschland - Mensch und Landschaft  (My Germany - its People and Landscape).
Nazi racing photo book
Das sind unsere Rennfahrer, a fine 1941 Nazi photo book of famous German race car
and motorcycle drivers, their stories and records, dedicated to Bernd Rosemeyer.
Hitler in Danzig
The original 1942 Hoffmann photo book Deutscher Osten - Land der Zukunft, about German heritage and the future in the newly occupied German territories in the East.
SMF Nazi gravity knife
A 100% original gravity knife or Fallschirmjaeger-Messer produced by SMF
in Solingen during the Third Reich, with a broken off blade tip.
NEUES VOLK, anti-Semitic Nazi magazines
THREE rare original heavily illustrated issues of the anti-Jewish magazine NEUES
(New Nation) published by the Racial-Political Office of the Nazi Party.
German-American Day Badge Gautreffen Chicago 1938
An absolutely genuine Deutscher Volkstag 'Bund' badge or German-American Day
Badge, produced for the Nazi Gautreffen Mittelwest in July 1938 in Chicago - very rare.
Lebensbornheim "Hochland" der SS
Deutsche Heimatkarte Blatt 2, a detailed map with tourist information of part of Munich,
Bad Tölz, Bad Wiessee, Rosenheim, Wasserburg and including the SS Lebensborn Home
at Steinhöring. Produced in 1938 in 1938 in cooperation with Ford of Köln, Agfa
and the Leuna gasoline company of Berlin by Verlag Georg D.W. Callwey.
Nazi swastika
Rare, heavily illustrated news magazines called Rundpost, the “German Community Paper”, early all-Nazi mass-circulation publications printed in Austria after the Anschluß.
Adolf Hitler postcards
A large selection of original color and black & white postcards of Adolf Hitler
from the Third Reich at very reasonable prices. NO reproductions!
Kleine Nationalkunde
Kleine Nationalkunde, a very informative 1940 Nazi primer for professionals and
students covering the most important National Socialist history, people and policies.
1938 Anschluss
The comprehensive 1938 commemorative hardcover Nazi photo book So wurde Grossdeutschland  on the reunification of Austria with Hitler's Germany.
A commemorative photo book highlighting the first year of the X. Armeekorps, the Nazi
10th Army Corps. Great photo content of Nazi Generals, Gauleiters, maneuvers, vehicles, soldier life, artillery practice, communication and machine gun troops, cavalry men, etc. 
WW2 maps of southern England
A rare historic pair of original World War II British War and Navy Department color
maps covering the entire southern part of England, the staging area for D-Day.
Unser Fuehrer Hitler
A rare direct mail sales brochure for Unser Führer, a Special Edition of the
Illustrierter Beobachter newspaper to be sold on the occasion and as
a commemorative of the 50th birthday of Adolf Hitler
Zivilabzeichen der Heimatflakartillerie
A genuine World War II Luftwaffe Heimat und Alarm Flakartillerie stickpin
awarded to civilian factory and office employees typically working for
large German industrial companies that operated their own Flak batteries
Schwert am Himmel Luftwaffe Buch
"Sword in the Sky", a 1940 Nazi photo book about the Luftwaffe, the Nazi Air Force
and all their achievements during the last five years. SUPERB photo content!
Konzentrationslager Sachsenhausen
A rare Vienna police archive copy of a reimbursement request for the cost of care
of five prisoners during their transport to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
in September 1941 (the equivalent of US$ 3.10!!).
Anschluss, Volk will zu Volk
Volk will zu Volk, a fine Nazi photo book about the historic reunification
(Anschluss) of Austria and Hitler's Nazi Germany in 1938.  Great photo content!
Nazi police eagle and swastika
Rare high-level 1940 Nazi police correspondence about notarized Good Conduct
Declarations for Jews who wished to emigrate from Vienna to the United States.
Leistungskampf der deutsche Betriebe, a rare heavily illustrated Nazi publication
highlighting the winning Model Industrial Companies of the 1936
DAF "Competition between German Industrial Enterprises".
1940 Nazi military vehicle photo book
The 1940 book Jungens, Männer und Motore introducing the subject of military
motor vehicles to the young men of Nazi Germany - superb photo material.
Reinhard Heydrich, RSHA 1942
The Third Reich Vienna police archive copy of a May 1942 decree by Head of the SD, Reinhard Heydrich regarding Aryan hairdressers and their Jewish clients.
NSKK crash helmet
A fine 100% original black leather NSKK crash helmet with
Third Reich period musician or marching band modifications.